What’s the strength of our HRC45 carbide end mills?

What's the strength of our HRC45 carbide end mills

UKO provides carbide end mills for machining carbon steel, iron steel, low and high alloyed steel and will launch a new type of coating for processing hardened steel. This is a special kind of steel end mill, which provides predictable and long tool life in a range of applications, including rough machining and finishing processing, including the use of hard steel, which usually needs to be removed with a large inventory.

The advantage of our HRC45 degree end mill is the use of high-hardness Zigong YG10X material, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

AlTiN coating, high aluminum content provides excellent red hardness and oxidation resistance, high rigidity, and is widely used in shallow grooves, side milling and finishing. The workpiece to be processed is mainly for cast iron materials, followed by processing of carbon steel and alloy steel.

The product process adopts the world’s advanced low-pressure sintering technology for standardized production.

The “low pressure” of “low pressure sintering” is relative to the pressure of “hot isostatic pressing”. Both are sintered under isostatic pressure. The pressure of the former is about 5Mpa, and the pressure of the latter is as high as 70-100MPa. Low pressure sintering is developed on the basis of vacuum sintering and hot isostatic pressing. The main function of low pressure sintering is to reduce the microscopic pores in the cemented carbide. The pores in the sintered body have been eliminated during the vacuum sintering stage. The pressing stage is mainly to eliminate microscopic pores.

The low-pressure sintered tungsten carbide milling cutter has the following advantages:

1. The metallographic structure in the product body has good compactness, no holes, and no trachoma.

2. The product has higher density, higher hardness and higher strength.

3. The sharpness of the product is better, and the durability is longer.

4. As the density is more uniform, the product has better processing performance.

The factory has more than 100 CNC machining centers, 30 domestic five-axis CNC grinders, and 30 imported (Australia Anka, Germany Walter) CNC grinders for supporting production and processing. The production capacity reaches 135,000 tools/month.

Other advantages: The high-capacity chip flute of the single-edged tool, combined with the new spiral design, can greatly improve work efficiency.

It is precision ground and polished with excellent tungsten steel hard alloy material, and the cutting edge is sharp.

Sharp cutting edge, using domestic precision machine tools to grind the spiral edge angle, cutting smoothly, greatly improving cutting efficiency.

The large spiral chip flute design is more conducive to discharging waste chips to prevent the tool from sticking to the tool, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Hope from this article, you can know us better. Any discussion, please contact Melody at UKO!

What's the strength of our HRC45 carbide end mills
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