Why choose uko HRC55 end mill bits?

Why choose uko HRC55 end mill bits

UKO as a professional manufacturer and trading company for carbide products, we have specialize in carbide cutting tools for more than 18 years experience. By using 100% virgin material and quality gurranted, that’s how we earn present valuable and supportive customers from home and abroad. 7 days fast delivery time, which can make sure the goods can be shipped to your place with a very fast speed. Besides, we also obtained ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which means our products are produced per ISO standards.

Our HRC55 milling cutter adopts ZK30UF material, which has high hardness and good wear resistance. And it is TiSiN coating, which contains silicon, it has high surface hardness and high thermal resistance.

For HRC55 end mill bits, its helix angle is 35 degrees, and it has strong adaptability to the material and hardness of the processed material. It is widely used in mold and product processing and has a high cost performance. The work pieces to be processed are mainly steel parts, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and high-hard steel, for example, 45# steel, 9crsi die steel, P30, if the workpiece is quenched, you can use HRC55 degrees before quenching and HRC60-65 after quenching degree.

Below are its other advantages. You can refer to that.

For this product, it has sharp and durable, high-capacity chip removal.

A variety of specifications are available, and the performance is stable.

Strict selection of materials, product production level by level check.

Spiral design, not easy to stick to the knife, reduce heat generation.

Besides, it has wide range of applications, suitable for aerospace, mold manufacturing, metallurgical equipment, metal processing, etc.

Last but not least, high-quality cemented carbide material is selected as the bar material to increase the service life and increase the smoothness.

The chamfered design, sleek handle and chamfered design, which is convenient for installation and stable work efficiency.

Most importantly, customization is supported, and the manufacturer’s specifications are diverse to meet the needs of various demands.

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