Why the Spiral Cutter Head Is So Popular?

why the spiral cutter head is so popular?

With the development of technology, discarded spiral cutter head has gradually replaced traditional flat knives and four-sided planers. In the near future, it will be gradually popularized in the woodworking machinery industry. At present in Europe and America, it has become the standard tool for woodworking machinery, which has following advantages.

  • Spiral blade surface

The high-precision design and manufacturing technology will arrange the carbide reversible knives and the blade body reasonably around to form a smaller cutting surface per unit time, so as to improve the blade.

  • Fast heat dissipation

Some cutter bodies use 7 series aerospace grade aluminum alloy cutter bodies, which not only improves the heat dissipation speed, but also improves the stability of the cutter and the structural strength of the cutter body, thereby increasing the life of the cutter body.

  • Carbide blades

The imported Luxembourg small blades are assembled without high-temperature welding, which ensures that the original hardness of each blade is above HRA 93.5 degrees, which greatly increases the service life of the tool. When the blade is passivated, the factory operator removes the blade by himself, the operation is simple and saves time.

  • Long service life

The aluminum alloy knife body is 1-2 times longer than the general flat knife, and the service life is up to 3-4 times on the double-sided planer and the four-sided planer.

  • The wood chips are very small

The cutting is performed in a spiral manner per unit time, and the formed wood chips are extremely small. In the Sino-British dust collection system, the wood chips are easily discharged from the processed wood surface.

  • Low noise

The noise value generated when the surface of the wood in contact with the flat knife is processed by the surface of the wood at the same time is reduced by about 30 to 50dB.

The spiral cutter head is divided into: heavy cutting and light cutting.

The heavy cutting is mainly used for automatic profiling milling and planing machines, vertical shaft machines, four-sided planers, and cutting shaping.

The light cutting is mainly used on vertical shaft machines, four-sided planers, etc., and the main cutting plane is smooth and round.

So from the above article, you can see why this spiral cutter head is hot product in the market of woodworking machinery industry. Hope now you have a rich knowledge about it. For further information, you can contact Melody!

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