Find a wide variety of high-quality Carbide Blanks available at UKOcarbide. Whether you are looking to make custom tool bits, Cutting Inserts or Tungsten Carbide Hacksaw Blade, Dies for Wire Drawing, Precision Tools, Woodworking Threaded Inserts, etc, we have the Tungsten Carbide Rounds, blanks and balls in a full range of dimensions to meet your metal requirements. We also carry a broad variety of single and double split-end blanks in conical point, full radius or square-ended options so you can always find the right carbide blank for your work.

Products Review


Tungsten Carbide Plates

Tungsten Carbide Plates against heavy impact and abrasion, Cemented Carbide Plates are used for any kind of brazing tools for a special application, and also used for mold materials with high wear resistance and the high toughness and can be adjusted with different chemical compositions to the requirements of each specific application. Carbide Plates are commonly used in Cutting Tools and Carbide Dies.


Carbide Shield Cutter

High wear resistance Carbide Shield Cutter for tunnel boring machine, Using over 99.95% high purity Tungsten Carbide Powder, it has better strength and hardness combined with a longer service life than the normal one and taking isostatic pressing machine, our carbide products have a uniform density and do not break easily. Sintered by HIP sintering furnace, the abrasive resistance of the carbide buttons can be increased by 24%.


Tungsten Carbide Balls

Common applications include ball valves, flow meters, ball bearings, linear bearings, and ball screws, Tungsten Carbide Balls are used in applications requiring extreme hardness and resistance to wear and abrasion, and are able to withstand hard shocks and impacts. Carbide Sizing Balls are made with a 6% nickel binder or 9% nickel binder. Tungsten Carbide Balls are also used for ballizing, to work-harden and to improve fretting fatigue strength.

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