For which purposes do cutting tools need to have to pick a tooth? A cutting tool with a fiber structure is mainly used on what occasions?

All woodworking tools have the function of cutting wood fibers, because generally speaking, wood fibers are arranged longitudinally, but they are not parallel and uniform. No matter which direction to cut, it is inevitable to cut the fibers.

In addition to the circular saw bladeAnchor icon, band saw, and saw blade, the toothed tool (with the material pick tooth) also has a carpentry file, sandpaper, and woodworking milling cutter. Carbide saw blades are used for cutting and blanking, the wood file is used for trimming, the wood milling cutter is used for milling, sandpaper gauze is used for grinding.

In addition, the drill is used for drilling (also cutting fiber); Woodworking chisel is used for drilling square hole and roughcast, and a woodworking planer is used for planing plane