There are a variety of classification methods of mill rolls, mainly:
(1) According to the product type, there is a steel roller, type steel roll, wire roll, etc.

(2) Press the roll in the roll series in the mill series, there is a blank roll, a thick roll, and a finishing roll or the like;

(3) Press the rolling function to divide the roller, perforated roll, flat roller, etc.

(4) According to the roll material, steel rolls(High-Speed Steel Rolls), cast iron rolls, Tungsten Carbide Rolls, ceramic rolls, etc.

(5) According to the manufacturing method, there is a cast roll, forged rolling roller, a stainless rolling roll, a set roll, etc.

(6) Press the rolled steel state with a Hot Mill Roll and Cold Mill Roll.

Various classifications can be combined to make the rolls more clear, such as hot-rolled steel for centrifugal steel working rolls.