Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the prospect of the market for precision wire drawing dies?

Factory Long Working Life PCD Wire Drawing Die for Alloy Wire

Wire drawing die is an important tool for drawing all kinds of metal wire. The quality of wire drawing die directly affects the quality of wire, and the life of wire drawing die affects the wire drawing output and production efficiency.

Therefore, to improve the quality of drawing die and prolong its life is the content of drawing die manufacturers' continuous research. The quality of wire drawing die is related to life and material, pass design, manufacturing process, die making equipment and testing instruments.

Where are the main producers of wire drawing dies in China?

According to the latest data provided by the cemented carbide branch of China Tungsten Industry Association, in 2020, there will be 500 cemented carbide production enterprises in China, most of which are mainly concentrated in the producing areas of tungsten mines, such as Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province and Guizhou Province.

The main products of Zhuzhou UKO precision carbide Co., Ltd. are: polycrystalline diamond drawing dies, special drawing die, wire and cable extrusion die, cemented carbide (tungsten steel) standard parts and other more than 1800 varieties, which are widely used in automobile parts, non-ferrous metal processing, steel, hardware, military industry, aerospace and other fields, Therefore, in the drawing die manufacturers, product technology and design strength is very good.

UKO is equipped with various equipment for manufacturing and testing molds, supplemented by more than 60 professional and technical personnel and mold manufacturing personnel with rich practical experience. As long as users provide product drawings or samples, they can provide customers with high-precision molds in a short time.