Wire drawing dieAnchor icon is an important tool for drawing all kinds of metal wire. The quality of wire drawing die directly affects the quality of wire, and the life of wire drawing die affects the wire drawing output and production efficiency.

Therefore, to improve the quality of drawing die and prolong its life is the content of drawing die manufacturers’ continuous research. The quality of wire drawing die is related to life and material, pass design, manufacturing process, die making equipment and testing instruments.

Factory Long Working Life PCD Wire Drawing Die for Alloy Wire
UKO company overview

Where are the main producers of wire drawing dies in China?

According to the latest data provided by the cemented carbide branch of China Tungsten Industry Association, in 2020, there will be 500 cemented carbide production enterprises in China, most of which are mainly concentrated in the producing areas of tungsten mines, such as Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province and Guizhou Province.

The main products of Zhuzhou UKO precision carbide Co., Ltd.Anchor icon are: polycrystalline diamond drawing dies, special drawing die, wire and cable extrusion die, cemented carbide (tungsten steel) standard parts and other more than 1800 varieties, which are widely used in automobile parts, non-ferrous metal processing, steel, hardware, military industry, aerospace and other fields, Therefore, in the drawing die manufacturers, product technology and design strength is very good.

UKO is equipped with various equipment for manufacturing and testing molds, supplemented by more than 60 professional and technical personnel and mold manufacturing personnel with rich practical experience. As long as users provide product drawings or samples, they can provide customers with high-precision molds in a short time.

What are the manufacturing process of drawing die?

  1. Diamond nesting process: This is an important link in the production process of wire drawing die, and the inlay process directly affects the seed quality of wire drawing die. At present, there are two ways to insert the diamond drawing dies: one is hot insert, the other is powder insert.
  2. Cemented carbide insert sleeve: the interference method is used to insert the sleeve, which has a reinforcing effect on the outside to ensure that the die blank does not break.
  • The function of drawing die drilling technology is: to adapt to the requirements of different types of drawing machine, easy to operate, and for diamond, drawing dies drilling, laser drilling is currently used at home and abroad. The difference is that most manufacturers in China can only drill holes without diameter change, or laser drilling technology can be used. The hole shape is obtained by grinding, and the production efficiency is low, Mold quality and accuracy is not high enough; Forming holes as shown in Fig.
  • Grinding process is an important part in the production of drawing die, which is quite different. It is divided into three steps: rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. The grinding level at home and abroad is the same. In foreign countries, it is completed by ultrasonic grinding machine. Under the strong vibration of ultrasonic grinding machine and the grinding effect of diamond powder, the drawing die is shaped into a standard shape. Polishing is also done by ultrasonic grinding machine, but diamond powder and its operation method are slightly different from rough grinding process.
Structure of the wire drawing dies core

Many domestic manufacturers use mechanical grinding method, the traditional R series arc mold, mostly using turning grinding needle, with grinding paste as abrasive. Because the hardness of the grinding needle is far lower than that of the abrasive and the die hole, the shape and size of the grinding needle are easy to change. In order to ensure the consistency of the hole shape, the grinding needle must be changed frequently. After the introduction of linear pass, the original grinding needle no longer meets the requirements, and the grinding needle of new material must be used.

For example, the diamond powder is plated on the surface of the grinding needle by the buried sand electroplating process, which greatly prolongs the service life of the grinding needle and creates the necessary conditions for machining the die hole meeting the standard requirements. However, this kind of grinding needle must be used on the high-speed grinding machine (that is, the cutting speed is not less than 36m / s) to meet the working conditions of the diamond and prevent carbonization. For the small hole drawing die, the fine grinding needle is easy to bend and deform, so the new technology of ultrasonic grinding must be adopted.

How to develop and improve the drawing die manufacturing process?

At present, many wire drawing die manufacturers in China still use the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and other countries’ mold making theory and technology from 1950s to 1960s. This “habit” no longer meets the needs of modern high-speed wire drawing, so we must improve the quality of wire drawing die as soon as possible

  • Learn the linear pass theory of modern drawing die;
  • Should have advanced technology manufacturers, learn other people’s full set of molding technology, out of the shackles of traditional theory and experience;
  • Introduce foreign advanced mold making equipment to narrow the gap with foreign mold making equipment, so as to achieve high precision and high quality of mold;
  • Improve the porosity of Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond. The quality of China’s polycrystalline diamond is quite different from that of foreign similar products. The surface roughness of drawing die made of China’s polycrystalline mold is high, which should be changed from the process;
  • China has issued the new standard of “hard alloy die blank for wire, rod and tube drawing die”, so far there is no unified standard for polycrystalline diamond die, and a unified industry standard should be formulated.

In addition, for a long time, there is no special research institution in China to research and promote modern mold making theory and new technology, so the spread range and speed of theory and technology are affected. In view of the main factors affecting the quality of wire drawing die in our country, if the above aspects are improved, the wire drawing die made in our country will be able to meet the needs of high speed wire drawing.