Wire straightening dies used to correct wire equal lines of wires and other wires, with tools with stable wire characteristics, have a variety of effects, mainly in various metal wires, steel wire drawing process, physical role.
Five-roll straightening machine
How does metal wire straightened?

Straight strainer, including base, rotating plate, ball, straightening rod, wire straightening dies, technical solution:

The base is disposed at the outlet hole of the drawing chassis case, and the base is provided with a ball and the first-wire hole, and the central axis of the first-wire hole is coincident with the central axis of the ball. By adjusting the bolt to the base, adjust the bolt through the through-hole, and the diameter of the through-hole is greater than the outer diameter of the adjustment the screw, and the ball is disposed at one end of the rotating disc;

The ball is lacking with a second-wire hole, and there is a gap between the ball and the ball deficiency, and the rotating plate is provided with a strainer, the straightening mold is disposed of in the straightening hole, the straightener is connected to the straightening hole, And straightening rods against straightening mold;

The straightening rod is provided with a third-wire hole, a central axis of the first-wire hole, the central axis of the second wire hole, the central axis of the third-pass line hole, the center axis of the straightening die hole, and the outlet hole Central axis coincident.

By adopting the above technical solution, the wire is passed through the wire through the third throughline hole through the third wire hole and then passes through the second wire hole, the first wire hole, and the outgoing hole again finally moves to the outside of the wire drawing machine.

During the wire movement, the rotating disc is constantly shaking with the movement of the wire, so that the ball is swayed, and the wire in the movement is straightened when the ball is straightened so that the wire is straightened. The purpose and the straightening device can be mounted directly on the drawing machine box, occupying a smaller space.