Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Where is the well known tungsten carbide manufacturer?


Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant is the largest company of Sandvik Group with metal cutting tools as its main products. It has 73 subsidiaries or branches, 39 production bases, 3 central warehouses and 19 training centers in more than 60 countries, with a total of 7800 employees worldwide. Is the world’s leading supplier of metal cutting tools, but also tool solutions and professional processing knowledge provider.

In turning, Sandvik’s blade series covers a large number of blade types and materials, which can be used in all turning processes of different workpiece materials; In milling, it can provide unique tools for milling of various materials and types; In drilling, no matter what type of hole, it can provide high-performance bits with complete specifications for efficient production.



Iscar as one of the largest metal-cutting tool manufacturers in the world is one of the main subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway. The company was acquired by Mr. Buffett in 2006, before which it was Israel’s largest family business.

Iscar R & D, production, sales cutting, turning, milling, boring, drilling, hinge, tool handle system and other full range of tools, in aviation, steam turbine, automobile, mold, machine tools. Rich experience in providing a complete set of solutions for machine tool matching.

Ingersoll tool company of Germany, which joined Iscar, won the first milling cutter patent in the world in 1889, and initiated crankshaft turning, pulling external milling, and other machining tools. Ingersoll is also an active advocate and leader of blade vertical design.


Seco tools

SECO Tools AB, one of the four largest cemented carbide tool manufacturers in the world, is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange in Sweden. Seco Tools company is a company that integrates research and development, production and sales of various kinds of carbide tools for metal processing. Its products are widely used in automobile, aerospace, generator equipment, mold, machinery manufacturing and other industries. It enjoys a global reputation and is known as the “king of milling”.

The company is famous for its series of milling and turning tools and blades. It is a professional enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of various kinds of carbide tools for metal processing.



Kyocera Co., Ltd., formerly known as Kyoto Ceramics Co., Ltd., is a Japanese multinational company founded by Kazuo Inamori on April 1, 1959.

The mechanical tools division of Kyocera (China) Trading Co., Ltd. is responsible for selling a full range of cemented carbide and cermet blades for industrial metal machining. Cutting tools are made of ceramic, CBN, synthetic diamond and other materials. Including a variety of standard turning blades, slitting blades, cutting blades, hole lining blades, multi-functional blades, thread blades, general drilling blades, special ultra-fine micro-drilling bits, plane milling, end milling and ball head milling and other indexable blades and their supporting tool holders, Spiral Cutter Head for Woodworking.

The products cover all kinds of standard and non-standard cutting tools needed in various fields such as automobile, mold processing, aerospace, rail transit, engineering machinery, energy, precision machining, etc.


Walter company

Founded in 1919, Walter company is headquartered in Tubingen, southern Germany. So far, Walter company has 17 subsidiaries all over the world. Walter company mainly has two types of products: one is cemented carbide indexable tools, including turning, milling, drilling, expanding and boring tools and tool accessories. The other is Walter’s five-axis CNC tool grinder.

Walter company began to develop cemented carbide metal cutting tools in 1926. The founder Mr. Walter owns more than 200 patented technologies in this field. Today’s full range of cutting tools and indexable cutting toolsAnchor icon are widely used in automobile, aircraft and other manufacturing industries as well as various mechanical processing industries.

Walter has brought all the latest technical achievements in the past two years, including the precision internal cooling turning toolbar, the latest fm5, RM5 guide groove inserts, the latest design of blade type thread milling cutter t2711 / t2712, etc. At the same time, it also showed the latest blade technology of Walter tiger. tec gold blade technology for customers, so that customers can get a close understanding of the charm of the golden tiger.


Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo is one of the largest integrated tool manufacturers in Japan. More than 100 years of experience in tool manufacturing; Sumitomo provides all kinds of turning blades, milling inserts, Sumitomo turning arbors, milling arbors, Sumitomo cutting tools, Sumitomo cylindrical turning tools, Sumitomo inner hole boring tools, Sumitomo grooving tools including end face groove, outer circular groove, inner hole groove, and other grooving tools, Sumitomo solid carbide milling tools. Discarded milling cutter, cutter bar, blade, solid carbide bit, internal cooling bit, trans Soviet bit, etc.

Today’s Sumitomo products have been widely used in automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding, household appliances, and many other industries, especially its CBN and PCD tools, crankshaft milling tools, cemented carbide ZX coated drill bits and milling inserts and other products are famous in the world. In the aspect of face milling cutter, for example, the series of face milling cutter products for the plane processing of engine cylinder block and cylinder head adopts the tooltip reference type, dense tooth type, and quick-change mechanism, and can adopt high-speed feed, rough and finish machining, with rich classification and strong pertinence.

Sumitomo Electric new products include the new materials of stainless steel and steel parts turning, Sumitomo Electric’s superior products CBN series, slotting turning tool, expanding chip breaking groove, countersink drilling bit, m-grade blade, negative chip breaking groove, small diameter cutter head, high-efficiency milling cutter head, adhesive-free polycrystalline diamond, etc. For stainless steel turning, precision machining of small parts and other new products are launched.


Dijet Industry Co.Ltd

Since its establishment in 1938, Dijet Industry Co., Ltd., as a professional cemented carbide manufacturer from raw powder to finished product, has been among the best in sales and popularity in Japan.

Dijet industrial products include all kinds of cemented carbide, ceramics, cermet, cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and other materials, as well as all kinds of cutting tools, cemented carbide molds, special wear-resistant products, etc. Users throughout the automobile, motorcycle, machine tools, machinery manufacturing, mining, civil engineering, smelting, rolling, electronic and electrical industries, as well as other small and medium-sized tool manufacturing companies.

At present, there are 200 sets of high-precision CNC grinding equipment, more than 100 sets of CNC machining center, sintering furnace, molding machine and electric machining equipment, each with more than 50 sets. Six coating furnaces and three hip systems, etc.


Mitsubishi materials

MITSUBISHI comprehensive materials, as a comprehensive material manufacturer, takes cement, aluminum, copper and processing industries as the pillars to provide advanced products, energy, high-performance materials and precious metals to the industrial society. Silicon products and other basic materials.

Mitsubishi integrated materials began to manufacture superhard tools under the name of “tridia” in 1931. The superhard products division produces cutting tools, wear-resistant tools and construction tools for turning, milling and drilling in Japan, and sells them to the global market, occupying the highest market share in China.

Mitsubishi integrated materials provide customers in the automotive and aircraft industries with indispensable parts processing superhard products and sintered parts as the core parts of engines, transmissions, etc.



KENNAMETAL was founded in 1938. At that time, Philip M. McKenna, an American metallurgist, invented a new tool material of tungsten titanium alloy after years of painstaking research, which could improve the machining efficiency of cutting steel. Based on this invention, Philip founded McKenna metals in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Kennametal’s cutting tool products were widely used in the wartime economy. After World War II, Kennametal began to research and develop cemented carbide materials with better toughness and wear resistance. In the mid-1940s, Kenner took the lead in developing cemented carbide tools for the mining industry, which promoted the development of continuous mining machinery.


Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tools Co.Ltd.

Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., established in June 2002, is located in the national high tech Industrial Development Zone of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, with wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the United States and Germany. It is a leading integrated supplier of cemented carbide cutting tools in China, integrating production, research and marketing.

Zhuzhou Diamond provides users with indexable numerical control blades and supporting high-precision tools for high-precision turning, milling, boring and milling, drilling pin, cutting, grooving and thread processing, as well as various high-quality welding blades, clamping blades, carbide hole processing tools and tool systems. Different needs to map and sample production of all kinds of cutting tools, to provide a complete set of mechanical manufacturing solutions.