Fdrill, also known as cemented carbide hot melt drillAnchor icon, has been successfully applied for more than 30 years. It has changed the traditional drilling and fastening process solved the problem of tapping and fastening thin metal plates and thin metal pipes.

Fdrill is made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant tungsten carbide. When the high-speed rotating drill bit contacts the workpiece surface and applies downward axial pressure, the head of the hot-melt drill bit rubs against the metal and generates 650° ~ 750° high temperature, which makes the metal near the hot-melt drill soften rapidly. While the hot-melt drill extrudes and penetrates, the softened metal part is stretched into a metal batch front (boss) with three times the original thickness.

The whole process only takes 2-6 seconds, The boss can be used for extrusion tapping, thread forming, strengthening the coupling effect, and can also be used for bearing support seat, bifurcation throat connection and other purposes. Because the whole process of machining is chip-free, the processed thread can bear high tensile force and torque, which can completely replace the process of drilling before welding or riveting nut.


Product Description

  • Improve production efficiency, rapid drilling, rapid bushing forming, the whole process only takes 2-6 seconds.
  • Improve product quality, simplify the process, easy to operate.
  • The hole position accuracy is high.
  • The extruded screw teeth have high tensile strength and torsion resistance.
  • The production cost is reduced, the operation is simple and easy to master, and no additional equipment is needed to replace the expensive welding process.
  • Clean and environmental protection, no debris.
  • Save raw materials.
Thread sizePitch or teeth (inches)Fdrill diameter Φ(mm)Drilling machine speed(RPM)Power of drilling machine(KW)Feed rate (mm/mim)Drilling time (Second)Tapping machine speed(RPM)

Important note:

  • The parameters in the above table are for 2mm thick materials, the thicker the material, the higher the power and the lower the speed.
  • For thicker materials, the processing time is increased by 1 second for every 1 mm increase.
  • When drilling stainless steel, if the diameter of screw teeth is M6 or above, it is suggested that the diameter of hot melt drill should be 0.1M larger, and the drilling speed should be reduced by 15%.
  • When drilling aluminum or other non-ferrous metals, the drilling speed should be increased by 50%.
  • If the thickness of metal material is more than 3mm, in order to obtain long service life of Fdrill, it is suggested that the diameter of hot melt drill should be larger than 0.1mm.
  • In order to use our products correctly, please contact usAnchor icon and tell us the specific processing materials and requirements. We will recommend the most suitable equipment and processing parameters for you.
Thread sizeFdrill diameter Φ(mm)Maximum penetration thickness of FdrillΦ ChuckTotal length of working face
Round short drillFlat short drillRound drillFlat drillShort drillLong drill

Note: the parameters in the table above are conventional hot melt drill bits. If you need to process thin materials or small inner diameters, we can customize the shape and length of the drill bit according to your requirements.

Round FdrillRound FdrillWhen Fdrill penetrates the workpiece and stretches to form a bush, a convex ring is formed on the surface of the workpiece. This convex ring is suitable for making thread seal or nut washer.
Flat fdrillFlat FdrillThe middle part of Fdrill has a milling cutter edge, which penetrates the workpiece to form a bushing by stretching, and cuts off the convex ring on the workpiece surface (milling and chamfering), so that the surface of the workpiece is smooth.
Long and short fdrillShort FdrillIt is used to penetrate the workpiece with the thickness of 0.8 mm / 3 mm. The middle cylinder part of fdrill is short, and the hole formed after extrusion is conical, which can increase the tapping strength.
Long FdrillIt is used to penetrate thick workpiece or need to process straight hole. Suitable for penetrating workpiece thickness range: 3mm-12mm. The cylindrical part of the bit is long, and a long hole is formed after extrusion.

Products Overview

Tungsten carbide long fdrill

T.C Cut/Long Fdrill M6C

TC long Fdrill M8C

TC long Fdrill M8C

TC long Fdrill M10C

TC long Fdrill M10C

TC long Fdrill M5C

TC long Fdrill M5C

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What is a cemented carbide hot melt drill bit?2021-05-27T07:44:24+00:00

Hot melt drilling technology (FdrillAnchor icon) is a chip-free processing technology for machining holes and bushes on thin metal sheet or tube, which completely replaces the process of welding (riveting) nuts on thin-walled workpieces. The hot melt drill is made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant cemented carbide material.
Application industry:

  • Automobile industry
  • Bicycle industry
  • Stainless steel furniture
  • Aerospace
  • Central heater
Hot melt drilling technology

Hot melt drilling technology

When the tool and workpiece are in contact, high speed (1000~3500) and proper axial thrust (feed force) cause awesome friction between the drill and metal, reaching 650 centigrade instantly. °~ seven hundred and fifty ° The temperature of the temperature. The metal near the bit softens rapidly, and then axial pressure is applied to extrude the boss and bushing about three times the thickness of the initial plate on the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece.

The whole process only takes 2-6 seconds. For the machining of smooth connecting surface or chamfering hole, plane drill can be used to cut the boss formed on the surface of the workpiece. The bushing can be used as bearing support, branch throat welding joint, etc., and can also be tapped for threaded connection. The thread is formed by rolling, and the processed thread can bear higher tension and torsion.

The chip-free drilling technology is suitable for processing ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other workpieces with ductility, as well as electroplated workpieces. It can be used for manual bench drill or CNC machine tools, the required power is 1.5 ~ 3.5kw, and the spindle speed is 1000 ~ 3500r / min. According to the different hole diameter, workpiece material and thickness, the selected cutting parameters are also different. Advantages: high efficiency, economy, saving materials, and the processed workpiece is more beautiful.

Advantages of hot melt drill

  • No chip, the thread can bear tension and torque
  • No chip processing, no need to remove the waste.
  • High forming precision on boss.
  • Suitable for various tapping machines.
  • High speed, long life and high production efficiency.
  • Suitable for a variety of hot-melt drilling materials.


Suitable for the following occasions:

  • Thread extension required
  • Multi layer heat exchanger
  • Bearing support
  • Screw connection of stainless steel building or metal furniture

Hot drill purchase guide

According to the thickness of the workpiece to be drilled, there are two length specifications of the hot drill:

  • Short drill: suitable for penetrating workpieces with thickness of 0.8mm-3mm.
  • Long drill: used for penetrating workpiece with thickness greater than 3mm – 12mm.

According to the surface requirements of the workpiece after penetration by the hot drill, there are two specifications of the hot drill:

  • Standard hot drill: the hot drill forms a convex ring on the surface of the workpiece while penetrating the workpiece to draw the forming bush.
  • Flat hot drill: the hot drill cuts off the convex ring on the surface of the workpiece when it penetrates the workpiece and stretches to form a bush, so that the surface of the workpiece is smooth.
  • For drilling stainless steel, the diameter of screw thread is M8 or above, the diameter of hot drill should be 0.1mm larger and the drilling speed should be reduced by 10-20%. For drilling non-ferrous metal, the drilling speed should be increased by 50%.

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