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Metal cutting toolsAnchor icon are used to cut off the surplus material from the workpiece and obtain the parts with shape, dimensional accuracy, and surface quality requirements, including turning tools, forming turning tools, milling tools, broaches, thread tools, gear tools, CNC tools, etc.

The metal cutting tool should have relative cutting movement between the workpiece and the tool, have cutting performance, have appropriate cutting angle and other geometric parameters, and cut the machining process through the machine tool or hand-held tools.

UKO's metal cutting tools introduce

Metalworking Cutting Tools

UKO's CNC Coated End Mill

End Mill

Carbide solid end mills, High-speed steel end mills

UKO's Coated Indexable Inserts

Carbide Inserts

Carbide milling inserts, Carbide turning inserts, Cermet indexable inserts

UKO's Carbide Welding Cutter

Welding/Brazed Carbide Cutter

UKO's Carbide Saw Blades

Slitting Saw