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Nail Gripper Dies

Nail Gripper Dies is an important work component of nail-making machines, which belongs to consumables, so the service life of nail dies is directly related to the production efficiency and benefits of the nail-making plant.


UKO’s nail gripper dies mainly include Gripper dies, Cutter dies, Header dies. A full set of nail gripper dies such as 711, 712, 713, 714, 715, 716 series, can be produced depending on the requirements.

Product details

Grade ISO Density(G/cm³) TRS(N/mm²) Hardness(HRA) Performance & Applications Recommend
YG11C K40 14.35 2200 87.6 Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders
YG15C K40 14 2500 85 Punching & stamping tools under large stress
YG18C K40 13.7 2700 84.5 Impact resistance forging dies, hot-press forging dies, and rollers
YG20 K40 13.5 2400 83.5 For various dies made by cold forging, cold stamping, and hot forging
YG20C K40 13.4 2600 81-82 Dies for wear resistance or impact-resistant application

Type of nail gripper diesAccording to the functional division of the gripper nail dies, including the following types:

  • Carbide brazed nail cutter
  • Nail punch
  • Round type carbide block die
  • “U” type carbide block die
  • Round nail gripper dies
  • Carbide nail die blanks

Nail dies can produce a wide variety of nailsNail dies can produce a wide variety of nails, including:

  • Fluted Nails
  • Clout Nails
  • Convex Roofing Screws
  • MiTek Permfix Nails
  • Panel Pins
  • Oval Nails
  • Ring Shank Nails
  • Semi-Clout Nails
  • Round Wire Nails
  • Serrated Galvanised Clout Nails
  • Serrated Nails
  • Harvey Tile Nails
  • Collated Nails
  • Cut Steel Nails
  • Galvanised Staples


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Why choose us?

Gripper dies materials are made of high-quality tungsten carbide materials, with high anti-toughness and fatigue strength, not easy to crack, difficult to break, strong wear resistance, non-wear, high precision, strong stability, long service life.

Our dies are available with both brazed and interchangeable tungsten carbide insert. We supply exchangeable inserts both round or square. Round inserts can be supplied with up to three profiles. Punches are manufactured in full tungsten carbide with a plain and chequered surface. Other profiled surfaces can be supplied on requests.
With more than 16 years of experience in tool manufacturing in carbide and steel material for nail machines. In this period, we have gained a good knowledge of the machine types for which these tools are supplied, as well as the expertise to know which grade of carbide best suits each tool type.
What kind of nail can you produce?2021-09-28T08:02:21+00:00

Nail types can be roofing nails, collated nails, flat coil nails, jumbo copl nails,canical nails, and so on.

What kind of nail cutter do you have?2021-09-28T08:01:31+00:00

Nail cutter for diamond point, clinch point, chisel point, and blunt point.

Do you have customized service?2021-09-28T08:00:22+00:00

Yes, we can accept the customized products. Our product applies for Wafios, and we can offer drawing for your reference.

Can you engrave my logo on the punch?2021-09-28T07:58:58+00:00

Yes, we could logo marking on the Waffles head as per your requirement.

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