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Nail Gripper Dies

Nail Gripper Dies is an important work component of nail-making machines, which belongs to consumables, so the service life of nail dies is directly related to the production efficiency and benefits of the nail-making plant. Design and manufacturing of planetary thread rolling dies for nails for the nail industry. High performance and long life planetary nail dies, guaranteeing a reliable and stable nail threading process, and minimizing quality problems and reducing manufacturing costs.

Our 15 years of experience in producing nail making tools and segment planetary dies has taught us a lot about the different wire nail machine manufacturers. Relevant nail making machine models include: THA14/32, THA25/60, THA31/80, THA40/120, MTG-A, Model MTG-B, Model MTG-C, Model MTG-D and Model MTG-F, VR10, VR14, VR17, VR20, VR20S, VR 23, VR23 S, VR27, VR30 , etc.


UKO’s tools cover all the dies of nail manufacturing. In addition to brazed nail gripper dies, nail cutter,cutting knives and cutter inserts, punches ,Wafios N90 Tools,Wafios N80 Tools and feeders for nail making machines.

Our Nail gripper dies are available with both brazed tungsten carbide inserts and replaceable tungsten carbide inserts,the replaceable tungsten carbide inserts can be both round and square. For the brazed gripper dies, U type carbide insert or Arc type type carbide insert can be supplied on request. Example of Brazed Nail Gripper Dies Notes:
Drawing of nail gripper dies
Cutting knives and Cutter inserts,Star points and diamond points are our standard option and are also available. Example Brazed Nail Cutter Dies Notes:
Drawing of brazed cutter
Punches are manufactured according to the customers requests: plain, profiled or grooved,furthermore, full tungsten carbide punches also could be supplied. Example Brazed Punches Notes:
Drawing of punches

We are able to made a wide range of custom made planetary dies for all type of planetary thread rolling machines (E.W. Menn, Capelli, Nedschroef, Pressvit, Crimella, Sima, Salvi, Key, Waterbury Farrel, Videx, Sakamura, Sacma-Ingramatic, Omega, Prutton, Ruja, Eagle, Seny, Izpe, etc.) and many different thread types such as metric, trapezoidal, annular, knurls, etc.

Also we design and manufacturing of high performance and long life planetary nail dies for the production of nails,our standard type are one rotary and 4 segments,one rotary and 6 segments,one rotary and 8 segments.

Size and type for planetary nail thread rolling dies:
Details for planetary dies


The nails by our dies and cutter as below:

  • Common Nails for Framing, Carpentry and Construction.
  • Coiled coil nails–smooth shank,Coil nails–ring shank,Coil nails–screw shank,Sharp diamond point,Welded together with steel wire.
  • Concrete Nails With Smooth, Straight Fluted & Twilled Fluted Shanks.
  • Roofing Nails–Umbrella Head, Rubber or Plastic Washers.

Application of nail tools


High-Speed Coil Nail Collator was specifically designed for automated assembly of finished nails into a reel for pneumatic nailing machines. Dies for coil nail collator is the welding accumulation disk where the nails are turned and welded onto the wire by two points.

The steel nails are placed in the vibrating feeder, the scattered nails are arranged in order, and then enter the welding dies for the wire nail coil collator through the lower track and are welded with two parallel lines to form a row of nails, and then automatically immersed in oil for rust prevention, drying and counting. Rolled into reels (flat-top and tower).

Dies for coil nail collator
Planetary Thread Rolling Dies
High Speed Wire Nail Making Machine
High peed way nail machine
High speed nail making machine is a combination of market demand and any of the advance technology available. Its designed and developed to be highly automated electromechanical integrated product. This nail making machine have wide usages, simple operation and reliable run. We could supply nail gripper dies, brazed cutter and punches for this machine.

Kovopol Automatic THA Nail Making Machine
Kovopol automatic THA nail making machine
The automatic THA nail making machines are designed for the manufacture of nails and other products from steel, copper, brass and aluminium alloys wire of round and square section. The nails manufactured suit for further machine processing. We could supply nail tools for nail making machine with type THA 14/32,THA 25/60,THA 31/80,THA 40/120

MTG Series Nail Machine
MTG Series-nail machine
The machines are designed to minimize the time required for adjusting and changing Dies, Cutters, Punches,the operation can be done easily and quickly by any unskilled workers. We could produce gripper dies, cutters, punches for for nail making machine with type Model MTG-A,Model MTG-B,Model MTG-C,Model MTG-D and Model MTG-F.

Vitari Nail Machine
Vitari nail machine
The VR series of nail making machines was designed to a very low noise rating thanks to the use of soundproof cabins (abt. 80db) designed specifically for each machine model. The nail tools for machine model VR 10,VR 14,VR 17,VR 20,VR 20 S,VR 23,VR 23 S,VR 27,VR 30 can be supplied on request.

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Why choose us?

Gripper dies materials are made of high-quality tungsten carbide materials, with high anti-toughness and fatigue strength, not easy to crack, difficult to break, strong wear resistance, non-wear, high precision, strong stability, long service life.

Our dies are available with both brazed and interchangeable tungsten carbide insert. We supply exchangeable inserts both round or square. Round inserts can be supplied with up to three profiles. Punches are manufactured in full tungsten carbide with a plain and chequered surface. Other profiled surfaces can be supplied on requests.

With more than 15 years of experience in tool manufacturing in carbide and steel material for nail machines. In this period, we have gained a good knowledge of the machine types for which these tools are supplied, as well as the expertise to know which grade of carbide best suits each tool type.