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The improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of production costs is one of the important goals of intelligent manufacturing. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to optimize all aspects of the manufacturing industry. In this process, technology has been continuously innovated, and new processing technologies and processing ideas have emerged one after another. The invention of the fast-feed blade was born to achieve this goal.

Fast feed milling is an advanced milling method designed to increase milling efficiency, that is, to increase metal removal rates. Compared to conventional milling tools, fast-feed inserts have a smaller entering angle and can machine two to three times faster than conventional milling methods.

UKO has launched a series of fast-feed milling inserts, which can process a variety of workpieces like steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, cast iron, etc. UKO Fast feed milling inserts including 3PKT/4NMT/LNMU/ENMU/LOGU/WNMU/HNMG/SDMT/SNMX/SNMU/SOMT/BLMP/PNMU and etc, that enable you to take advantage of this higher efficiency process. Different models of fast-feed CNC milling tools. With double-sided and multiple cutting-edge milling, it greatly improves processing efficiency and product service life.

●Maching faster and more efficiently
●Stable performance and maximizes productivity
●Economical double-sided milling inserts for roughing to finishing operations