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UKO’s high-quality hard alloy circular saw blade, using high-quality high-carbon steel matrix with a special carbide cutter head, through transparent paint processing and design reasonable thermal expansion tank, make the circular saw blade have good cut balance performance It is ideal for cutting wood, PVC plastic tubes and aluminum alloy, slender smooth, neat, good quality.

Zhuzhou UKO Tungsten Carbide Teeth Circular Saw Blade

Product Characteristics

  • The saw blade uses a silver Teflon material coating. During the cutting process, the matrix friction fever is reduced, and the thermal variation is to prevent the cut smooth.
  • The sawtooth is automatically welded and the automatic grinding process, the welding strength is high, the cutting stability is good, and the cut is straight.
  • The sawtooth type is alternating teeth, the chip speed is fast, and the cut surface is smooth.
  • Reasonable heat dissipation tank design, in addition to adding aesthetics, the saw blade is easier to dissipate heat, and it is not easy to blame.
  • The saw blade has an anti-impact plastic protective sleeve to avoid damage to the hard object during transport or storage.
  • The product specifications use laser coding, which is not easy to disappear.
  • With a variable diameter ring, it is convenient for different equipment.
  • Alloy Cutter Head: The advanced (HIP Sintering) pressure sintering process is much higher than the ordinary sintering process. This process effectively reduces the residual voids in the alloy during sintering, effectively improves the strength, toughness, and wear resistance of the cutter head, and meets the continuous 1. High-temperature cutting requirements.
  • Saw Blade Matrix: It adopts ISO norm 65Mn cold-rolled steel strip. After heat treatment, the hardness reaches HRC42~44, good elasticity and plasticity, good heat treatment hardenability, high substrate flatness, good toughness, and smoother operation.
  • Cutter Head Welding: Fully automatic intelligent welding equipment: intelligent adjustment, precision temperature control, automatic tooth selection, feeding welding, strong welding, high welding quality, beautiful and neat cutter head after welding; selection of high-quality silver wire (HAg-153 is equivalent to American standard AWS BCuP-1 5) Welding is stronger than ordinary silver wire, and the welding strength is higher.
  • Cutter Head Grinding: (Three-pass grinding) Adopt a fully automatic CNC grinding machine (precision up to 0.01mm) and advanced gear grinding technology to make each tooth extremely sharp.Fixing Device: Special reaming equipment is selected to ensure that each central hole can meet the standard and meet the requirements of standard plug gauge H7.
  • Design of Expansion Slot / Silencer Hole: Expansion groove: prevent the substrate from overheating and cutting, and give the substrate favorable protection. Silencer hole: It can effectively remove the noise generated by the cutting process, and also has a certain air cooling effect, which is not easy to burn the film.
  • Electrophoretic Transparent Paint Treatment: The surface is treated with electrophoretic transparent paint, which is beautiful and prevents rust.
  • Product Detection: Inspection of nine major projects, advanced instruments (diameter jumper, end jumper, projection video camera, etc.), to ensure that the factory products are qualified.


Outer diameter(Inch/mm)Number of teeth(Z)Cut width(B)mmThickness(b)mmHole diameter(d)mmTooth shape(C)
4〞(110mm)301.81.220Alternating tooth
4〞(110mm)401.81.220Alternating tooth
6〞(150mm)402.21.425.4Alternating tooth
6〞(150mm)602.21.425.4Alternating tooth
7〞(180mm)402.21.420/25.4Alternating tooth
7〞(180mm)602.21.420/25.4Alternating tooth
7〞(180mm)802.21.420/25.4Alternating tooth
8〞(200mm)402.41.625.4Alternating tooth
8〞(200mm)602.41.625.4Alternating tooth
8〞(200mm)802.41.625.4Alternating tooth
9〞(230mm)402.61.825.4Alternating tooth
9〞(230mm)602.61.825.4Alternating tooth
9〞(230mm)802.61.825.4Alternating tooth
9〞(230mm)1002.61.825.4Alternating tooth
10〞 (250mm)402.82.025.4Alternating tooth
10〞 (250mm)602.82.025.4Alternating tooth
10〞 (250mm)802.82.025.4Alternating tooth
10〞 (250mm)1002.82.025.4Alternating tooth
10〞 (250mm)1202.82.025.4Alternating tooth
12〞 (300mm)403.02.230Alternating tooth
12〞 (300mm)603.02.230Alternating tooth
12〞 (300mm)803.02.230Alternating tooth
12〞 (300mm)1003.02.230Alternating tooth
12〞 (300mm)1203.02.230Alternating tooth
14〞 (350mm)403.22.230Alternating tooth
14〞 (350mm)603.22.230Alternating tooth
14〞 (350mm)803.22.230Alternating tooth
14〞 (350mm)1003.22.230Alternating tooth
14〞 (350mm)1203.22.230Alternating tooth
16〞 (400mm)603.42.430Alternating tooth
16〞 (400mm)803.42.430Alternating tooth
16〞 (400mm)1003.42.430Alternating tooth
16〞 (400mm)1203.42.430Alternating tooth

Product Overview

German Standard TCT Circular Large Wood Saw Blades

German Standard TCT Circular Large Wood Saw Blades

Long Using Life Low Noise TCT Saw Blade

Long Using Life Low Noise TCT Saw Blade

Zhuzhou UKO Tungsten Carbide Teeth Circular Saw Blade

Zhuzhou UKO Tungsten Carbide Teeth Circular Saw Blade

UKO's Circular Saw Blades Description

350mm Tungsten Carbide Table Saw Blade

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Why Choose Us?

  • The circular saw matrix adopts high-quality high carbon steel, which is not easy to deform, high hardness, high temperature cutting.
  • The special cutter head of the saw blade uses native tungsten carbide powder material, the finished product sharp and durable, long life.
  • Reasonable design makes the saw blade cutting speed faster, and the later grinding and maintenance is more simple.
  • It is ideal for cutting of a plurality of materials such as hardware, high density plates, multi-labeled panels, and the sewing quality of the cutting material is very high.
  • The saw blade uses special coating process to produce symbol ISO9001 and strict industry technical standards, greatly reduces friction and improves the speed of circular saw blade and improves cutting efficiency.


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Aluminum-containing high-speed steel (HSS-Al) is smelted by a method of carbon (Al) elements based on molybdenum high-speed steel and is designed to increase thermal hardness and wear resistance.

The performance of the aluminum-containing high-speed steel is similar to the cobalt-containing ultra-hard high-speed steel, the hardness of the heat treatment is HRC67 ~ 69, the anti-bending strength is 290 kg / square millimeters, the impact value is 2.3~3kg 1m/cm² The high-temperature hardness at 600°C is HRC54~55.

Aluminum-containing high-speed steel (HSS-Al) forging performance and excellent cutting performance, but grinding performance is lower than normal high-speed steel when grinding with white jade wheels, and superior to high-speed steel and high vanadium high-speed steel and high vanadium Cobalt high-speed steel.

The durability of the HSS-Al tool is similar to the cobalt-containing ultra-hard high-speed steel, 1 to 2 times higher than the ordinary high-speed steel, up to 3 to 4 times.

What is carbide end mill?2021-03-27T13:52:25+00:00

Carbide endmill is an industrial rotating cutting tool that can be used for milling operations, which is made from tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (Co) materials. They are also commonly referred to as a “carbide milling bit”. Center cutting end mill can be used for plunging operations (axial milling), and can also be used in side milling operations (radial milling). Non-center cutting bits may only be used in side milling applications.
The most common material used for end mills is tungsten carbide, but HSS (high speed steel) and Cobalt (high speed steel with cobalt as an alloy) are also available.

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