Carbide Wear Parts

Tungsten carbide is an incredibly tough material that is well known in the metal machining and mining industries.
Our foundries mix Tungsten Particles into the primary casting metal alloy to dramatically improve the durability and longevity of our Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts. Increased Wear Parts life means reduced maintenance costs with fewer part change-outs and more machine uptime.

Our Carbide Wear Parts are Tungsten Carbide Precision Tools, Tungsten Carbide Balls, Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings, Carbide Nozzles.


Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard material, almost as hard as diamond. This makes tungsten carbide much less susceptible to wear than the conventional steels used to make industrial components.

Tungsten Carbide Parts offer a better alternative in the case of industrial parts subject to wear. These include Carbide Knives, Carbide Blades, Carbide Dies, Carbide Punches, Carbide Wire Guide Dies, etc.

The capabilities of tungsten carbide are virtually endless. UKO makes every possible component in tungsten carbide entirely in accordance with the supplied specifications and, It can be customized as to customers drawing. On the strength of our in-depth expertise, we select the suitable carbide grade for each situation.

tungsten carbide precision tools

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Which Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts Application Range?

Products have been widely used in aerospace, aviation, petroleum, automobiles, hardware electronics, photovoltaic solar energy, new energy batteries, textiles, pumps, chemicals, medical equipment, automation equipment and many other fields.

  • Advanced / engineering ceramics: ceramic rollers, ceramic squeeze rollers, ceramic plunger rods, ceramic nozzles, ceramic valve seats, ceramic seals, ceramic tools, ceramic rollers,Cutting tool material, ceramic wear-resistant blocks and various types of silicon nitride (SI3N4) , ZrO2Al2O3 series, etc. and high-precision non-standard ceramic parts.
  • Tungsten steel molds: Tungsten steel drawing dies, forming dies, stamping dies, shrink tube dies, hot and cold extrusion, cold heading dies, tungsten steel powder metallurgy dies, etc.
  • Tungsten steel parts: high-precision tungsten steel punches, bushes (into the sub), drill sleeves, hot runner nozzles, hot melt drills, finely ground round bars, dispensing valves and other special-shaped tungsten steel wear-resistant Pieces.
  • Tungsten steel blanks: tungsten steel round bars, tungsten steel plates, strips, rings and other wear-resistant parts. Wear-resistant series, wear-resistant and impact-resistant series, non-magnetic series, high-temperature resistant series, fine particle series, corrosion-resistant series.
  • Tungsten steel roll: high wear resistance, super mirror finish, alternative to imported, professional FFC, photovoltaic wire, stainless steel speaker net, gold and silver jewelry, welded pipe, glasses frame and other metal wires and nets.
  • Tungsten steel processing: Tungsten steel ceramic internal and external thread, high-precision CNC grinding, optical curve grinding PG, high-precision coordinate grinding JG, tungsten steel ceramic grinding, mirror polishing, tungsten steel coating and other parts processing.