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Turning tools are used for turningAnchor icon on lathes to process outer circles, inner holes, end faces, threads, grooves, etc. According to the structure, turning tools can be divided into integral turning tools, welding turning tools, machine clamp turning tools, indexable turning tools, and forming turning tools. The application of indexable turning tools is becoming more and more extensive, and its proportion in turning tools is gradually increasing.

CNC turning inserts are usually indexable, they can be exchanged, and rotated or flipped, without disturbing tool effective diameter, tool length offset, etc. This saves time and increased efficiency in manufacturing.

UKO has an extensive selection of CNC turning tools includes carbide turning inserts and cermet carbide inserts. Advanced Cermet Technology Provides High-quality Surface Finish and High-efficiency Machining.

Our CNC turning tools can assist you in completing various metal processing tasks. Various CVD and PVD coating can be selected for different material cutting, Meet the requirements of various working conditions.

CNC Turning Tools

CNC Turning Tools

CNC turning tools

Carbide Turning Inserts

Cermet Turning Inserts

What’s the difference between diamond blade and parallelogram blade in CNC turning tools?2021-08-10T09:48:27+00:00

The differences between D-type 50° diamond and C-type 80° diamond CNC turning tools are as follows:

The larger the sharp angle of CNC turning tool, the better the strength of the blade tip, the better the heat dissipation, the more suitable for heavy cutting, and the smaller the secondary deflection angle, which is conducive to improving the machined surface roughness.

D-type tooltip angle is relatively small, which can reduce the contact area between the tooltip and the workpiece during cutting, reduce the cutting force, and help to control the machining accuracy.

In addition, the C-type blade angle determines that it is suitable for both the outer circle and the end face, and has a wide range of uses. Type D is suitable for finishing or semi-finishing excircle and digging a certain range of grooves, but it is not suitable for flat end face (only small cutting depth).

Generally speaking, type C is widely used and everyone loves it. Similar to C-type, W-type (peach type) has double-sided 6 tips, but the angle is the same as C-type, which can reduce the cost.

What is the meaning of CCMT060204HQ code of CNC turning tools?2021-08-10T09:22:20+00:00

C: Knife tip angle 80 °
C: The rear angle is 7 °
M: Blade dimensional tolerance (accuracy) code
T: The code of chip breaking and clamping form of the blade indicates that the cone screw of 40 ~ 60 degrees is compressed.
06: The cutting edge length is 6mm.
02: The blade thickness is 2.38mm.
04: Tooltip radius is R0.4.
HQ: Chip breaking groove type code.

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