• Mill rolls are an important part of the rolling mill in the steel plant. The pressure produced by a pair or group of rolls is used to roll steel. It mainly bears the influence of dynamic and static load, wear and temperature change during rolling.
  • The tool that makes the metal forced through the die under the action of external force, the metal cross-sectional area is compressed, and the required cross-sectional area shape and size is obtained is called Drawing dies.
  • Carbide descaling roller can remove the phosphorus element on the steel surface, reduce the cold brittleness and cracks of the steel, improve the plasticity and weldability of the steel, and make the phosphorus content of the steel less than 0.045%.
  • Cold heading dies is a die that can cut off, perform and form into cold forming parts on the cold forming lathe.
  • UKO’s Thread Rolling Tools including Flat Dies, Planetary Dies, and Thread Rolling Cylindrical dies.
  • Nail Gripper Dies used in nail making machine, which is a working part and a consumable.
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