We manufacture excellent wear-resistant wire straightening dies and wire-guide bushes for your wire processing operation; tungsten carbide wire guides dies for straightening machines, wire drawing machines, wire mesh machines. Material supplied rough or finished and polished.

As an industry Leader, UKO carbide has taken great pride for over ten years in manufacturing qualified, precision-made Wire Guide Dies and Wire Dies spares for the wire industry. UKO is committed to providing total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement quality of Wire Drawing Products, services, and internal processes.

Tungsten Carbide Wire Guide Dies & Tungsten Carbide Roller are widely used in wire industry Wire-drawing Operation. It is suitable for stretching and drawing of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper-clad steel wire, and pipe.

Carbide Wire Dies can be customized as to customers drawing and drafts. Carbide Wire Guide Die UKO fabricated is made of 100% raw material, with the merits of good toughness, strong wear resistance, good smooth surface, high precision, long service life.

What Is Straightening Bushes?

Straightening bushes, wire guides for wire processing machines and guide blocks for the wire. Our manufactures and sells carbide straightening and wire-guide bushes, also mounted on supports, used on wire processing machines, such as wire drawing machines, spring making, fasteners machines, wire mesh machines, etc. We also sell carbide guide blocks of various types and sizes.

Tungsten carbide wire guides bushes for straightening machines and electrodes nozzles of every hard metal grade and sizes, according to customer needs. Material supplied rough or finished and polished.


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